United entertain. Futbol is back. Soccer Messiah...


United Entertain: I don't want to sound cynical here, but DC United finally gave the home fans something worth watching. Trust me I know, I watched the last home game against New England and almost went in to a coma, and if I had I no doubt would have had someone pull the plug, that un-inspired 1-0 loss left me wary of investing another night in front of the TV, but I was graciously rewarded. The 3-3 tie had everything a soccer fan could ask for. Right from the start there was something in the air, may be it was the storm that had just rolled through the DC area that broke the haze of humidity, whatever the case the next 90 minutes were anything, but routine. There are more tickets at wicked portland tickets.

A mere seven minutes in to the game, United goalkeeper Bill Hamid, charged out of his box to knock the ball away from a streaking Toronto FC attacker. Hamid slid full bore sending the attacker flipping through the air. The tackle resulted in a red-card, less than ten minutes in and Hamid's night was done, and more importantly, United was forced to play 80 plus minutes with ten men. (My buddy joked that Hamid wanted to rest up for his National team call up on Wednesday). It should also be noted that when the goalie gets a red card, you have to take a field player off and sub a goalie on for him. In this case it was midfielder Stephen King (Not that One) who had to leave the game after just seven minutes. I would hate to be that guy, adrenaline pumping, a nice sweat beginning and then boom, you're night is done.

The rest of the game featured something the MLS is known for, poor officiating and something the MLS is rarely known for, a lot of goals, six in total. After allowing play to resume after a clear substitution by DC should have stopped play, the referee inexplicably let play continue while at the same time telling the substitute to come on. See more at cinderella chicago tickets.